Welcome to Wine

Founded many years ago, the Leeds University Union Wine Society has passed through numerous hands, but we have always been united on the same basic principle: Introducing people to wine without any of the associated pretence.


What we’re all about: Our main objective is to provide a relaxed environment in which people can learn more about wine and what makes it so amazing and complex. We often invite guest speakers such as local merchants, producers or trade experts to share their knowledge and products with us. As an extremely social group we meet at least once a fortnight for our usual tastings, but go out into the city or host special collaborative events several times a year as well.

We strive to be a sustainable society both economically and environmentally. Under the umbrella of the Leeds University Union, we work as a non-profit organisation by investing any profit we make right back into the society and its members. We also pride ourselves on supporting local independent retailers by buying the majority of our wine from them when possible and promoting their businesses and events to our members, showcasing what Yorkshire wine merchants and smaller producers have to offer. As a responsible and green society, we also ensure all paper, cardboard and glass bottles are recycled at the end of any event.


In early 2017 we won a Fundraising Award for hitting our grant targets which we used to benefit the society in various ways and were nominated for a Riley Award for Best General Interest Society. Let’s continue to make 2023-2024 an amazing year together! Whether you’re a complete novice or a connoisseur to the wonderful world of wine, we’d love you to join us for some fantastic tipples at a variety of different events. There’s no snobbery, waistcoats or bow ties required. We only want you to have fun learning, tasting and making new friends.


Contact us at luuwinesociety@gmail.com




GIAG - 06/10/2023  Expect a selection of wine - white, red and rose! Come along for a night of wine tastings as well as the opportunity to mingle and have fun! 
Event info will be posted on our facebook page/group and instagram and tickets are available under the products section of our page.


We have lots of events in store, including wine tasting nights, social events in the city and plenty of exciting outings for the society!



More details will be released soon, for the latest information please follow us on Instagram or sign up to our mailing list by getting in touch with us at luuwinesociety@gmail.com