Welcome to Stage Musicals Society

Do u have a love of Musical Theatre and wish to make everlasting memories from you University experience? Then look no further.


Stage Musicals Society, or SMS, is one of the university’s largest musical theatre societies whose aim is to stage two full length musicals each year – and to have as much fun as possible in doing so. We organise, direct, choreograph, produce and perform spectacular Broadway and West End shows every semester!

The most recent SMS shows include: Chorus Line, Flashdance, Legally Blonde, Grease, Footloose, The Wedding singer, Cry Baby, In The Heights, Sweet Charity, and many more. Formerly the ‘Light Opera Society’, the society is over 70 years old. We are proud to have received many stellar reviews of our shows, as well as being the proud winners of the prestigious ‘Riley Awards’.


The society is totally student run, working in association with backstage society, resulting in the direction, production, lighting, staging, choreographing, vocal coaching and performing of each musical being down to whoever successfully proposes a show. Our shows are self-funded from the sales of previous performances as well as sponsored by various organisations willing to help out the performance. Each show is produced to a very high standard and in recent years our cast selection has become very competitive. 

Nevertheless, it remains the SMS ethos that we have the most fun possible whilst putting on incredible shows. It is a top priority to maintain our inclusivity and look out for all the needs of our members by creating a strong sense of community in which everyone can thrive.


As a member of SMS, you will enjoy being a part of a wholly inclusive, welcoming and FUN society, around like-minded people who share your love of performing. You will be able to work on and improve your acting, vocal and dance skills throughout our weekly rehearsals, take part in an incredible show at the end of the process, be able to share the stage with an incredibly talented cast and meet friends for life in doing so along the way.

Aside from the fabulous shows we stage, another main attraction of SMS is the social side. Many people have had some of their best times at University within the show, usually during the carnage that makes up the show-week, and that’s why many of the cast come back year after year. In previous years the infamous ‘SMOLIDAY’ has involved an SMS holiday to Ilfracombe, Devon where we rent a 24-person house by the sea! When it comes to socials we offer possibilities for drinkers and non drinkers so no one feels left out. It is very important to us that everyone feels part of the family we wish to create throughout the year. We share members with other music and performance societies and often collaborate with our sister society ‘Musical Theatre’ for events such as fundraisers to socials including sports days and a ball! Being in SMS, we all agree, is the best social experience you could get from the university as a performer.


A usual week will involve rehearsals on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays.

Each rehearsal will focus upon a different component of the show, whether that be singing, acting and blocking, or choreography and dance. Rehearsals are inclusive and friendly, bringing each cast member closer together and providing a great opportunity to bond with others and create everlasting memories whilst working towards the common goal of producing an incredible show.


£5 Standard Membership. Available to anyone. Standard membership grants:


  • Eligibility to perform in SMS events and shows, audition dependent.
  • Cheaper entry to our ‘Give It A Go’ events
  • Eligibility to vote in SMS General Meetings
  • Attend socials and special events
  • Access to order SMS apparel and promotional hoodies
  • Discount entry to selected clubs, including weekly discount guest-list access to Fruity Fridays
  • Friends for life!


£15 Show Membership. You should only purchase this membership if you successfully audition for an SMS show.

*DISCLAIMER* You MUST successfully audition for a show in order to perform in it and be regarded as ‘cast’.

Any questions then please contact us at luustagemusicals@gmail.com, or our Instagram @luusms