Welcome to Neuroscience Society



'There is no study more vital to man than the study of his own brain. Our entire view of the universe depends on it.' - Francis Crick


Welcome to the Neuroscience Society at the University of Leeds! In Neural Networks, members will be provided with a platform to discuss and experience all things neuroscience from neurons to human behaviour. We are an academic society that strives to examine and discuss recent research and discoveries traversing topics in neuroanatomy, neurotechnology, translational neuroscience, computational neuroscience, clinical neuroscience, quantum neurobiology and related fields.

With our vision of educating our budding neuroscientists about the wonders of the brain, we organize talks from active neuroscientists and PhD students that will be keen to discuss your neuroscience queries! We host workshops, symposia, neuroscience fairs, poster presentations, parties and more thrilling events. By joining Neural Networks, you can network and make friends with other people who share an alike infatuation with the brain. Although our board has events planned out, a community wouldn't be a community if we weren't unfailingly liaising with prospective members and listening to what you would like for us to do!

Due to the interdisciplinary nature of neuroscience, we invite all students, regardless of their academic background, to join our community for free!

Contact us at neuralnetworksluu@gmail.com