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The Leeds University Union Ballet Society has been established for over forty years.

We have around 220 students who attend classes to keep fit, improve their technique, perform, and make new friends. We are open to anyone with a keen interest in ballet, and we cater for all levels of experience; from complete beginners to advanced dancers. Classes are usually held on our campus within purpose-built studios with sprung floors, mirrors and barres in either the stage@leeds or the union dance studios.

All of our classes are taught by professional teachers who provide support, coaching and advice as well as challenging yet fun material.

You can view the description of each of the classes we provide within the uploaded files, titled 'Class Descriptions for LUU Ballet Society'.

You can view our Semester 1 timetable within the uploaded files, titled 'Timetable Semester 1 2021/22'.


Performances and Competitions

Our award-winning competition teams were formed quite recently with our Advanced team going into their 5th year and our Intermediate team their 4th.

However, our teams have done amazing things with both winning multiple awards and our Advanced team winning Ballet’s first ever 1st Place in 2020!!

In 2020-

Advanced Team: 1st Nottingham, 1st Leeds, 3rd Newcastle

Intermediate Team: 2nd Nottingham, 2nd Newcastle, 2nd Leeds

In 2019-

Advanced Team: 2nd Lancaster, 2nd Leeds, 2nd Sheffield

Intermediate Team: 2nd Lancaster, 3rd Sheffield

Our competition teams really are the biggest asset the society has, giving students the opportunity to travel to different cities across the north of England to perform award-winning choreography and make lifelong friendships in a welcoming environment. Each year a new team is formed and auditions will be held in the first few weeks of term.


Socials are open to everyone and with a mix of drinking and sober socials you’re guaranteed to have a great time and meet lots of new friends. In the last few years we’ve had nights in Revs and Mischief, done laser quest, Otley runs, Christmas meals and even an exclusive Northern ballet company class.

Keep an eye out for updates on our Facebook and Instagram pages for exciting plans – perhaps even including 2022 tour to Italy.

As soon as restrictions allow we will make sure socials are safe whilst also ensuring you get the opportunity to meet new people in person.

We also hosted ballet’s charity events in partnership with Beat UK and Leeds Uni Beat, an amazing charity that helps people with eating disorders. Pub quizzes, a 10K, some charity yoga and ballet fit classes are just a few of the things we’ve run to raise money.

All details, including time and location will be posted on our facebook page. After you’ve bought membership make sure to join the ‘Leeds Ballet Society Members 2021-22’ page on facebook for the most up to date news!


Please be aware that you do not have personal accident insurance cover related to this activity. If you would like any cover, please seek this individually. You can enquire with Endsleigh and Sports Cover Direct if required.

For further information or queries, please contact the committee by email or on Facebook.

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