Welcome to Turkic Society


Turkic Society is finally welcoming LUU. The society intends to gather all cultures and introduce the Turkic* culture with various fun, informative activities. 

Some activities we plan to conduct during our first year: 

  • The Turkic food tasting event
  • Roundtable events and debates on the breaking Turkic news
  • Celebration of the special Turkic days 
  • Turkic Movie Night & Netflix Party 
  • Collaborative events with the other Turkic Societies in the UK
  • Networking events

Join us for free, you do not have to speak any of the Turkic Languages! 

*Altai, Azerbaijanis, Balkar, Bashkir, Dolgan, Karachay, Karakalpaks, Kazakhs, Khakass, Kipchak, Kumyk, Kyrgyz, Nogay, Shor, Tatars, Tofalar, Turkmen, Turks, Tyvans (Tuvans), Uighurs, and Uzbeks

Committee Members:

Co-President: Elif Ceren Altin

Co-President: Irem Sallakci

Secretary: Mevlut Ari

Treasurer: Sevval Akkaya

Events Secretary: Aazaad Sumer

Social Media & Marketing Secretary: Lara Oztay