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Welcome the LGBT soc, we're so excited to get started this year! Our aim is to create safe and accessible spaces for LGBT+ people by LGBT+ people, so on our committee there is a welfare officer for the following groups- POC, women, men, disability, asexuality, and bi+ people. This not only gives a variety of community members a clear voice in how the society is run, but also means that there is someone for you to go to should you need advice or support. Each of these groups has it's own facebook group run by it's respective welfare officer, and our chair runs a trans+ group in the same format. Shoot us a message and we can add you in to any groups you'd like! 

We host plenty of events and aim to have something for everyone, whether you'd like to drink or not or be outside or in, so make sure you check out our social media for details. Every weekday during term time from 12-2 we host coffee hour in room 3 of the union, with the aim of creating a dry space for LGBT people to meet, build community and make friends. We hope to see you there!

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