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Kashmir is a disputed territory between India and Pakistan. However, it has a unique culture that is different to that of the two countries and its people are renowned for wanting an independent Kashmir. Therefore, it is hard for Kashmiris to define their national identity. 

This society will provide a home for Kashmiris to finally celebrate their own culture without having to do so in shade of the Pakistani or Indian societies. It will also be an opportunity for those interested to celebrate and learn more about Kashmir, its rich culture as well as its past. 

It provides potential for many types of activities:

*open forums on the political situation surrounding Kashmir

* Kashmiri born speakers are willing to speak about Kashmir as well as their thoughts on its past and future in speaking events.

* possibly taster lessons on the Kashmiri Language

* Bringing traditional Kashmiri clothing to Leeds

* Huge socials with authentic Kashmiri food and quizzes on its culture and music. 

* Musical events featuring authentic Kashmiri musicians. 

* ski/mountaineering trip to Kashmir providing conditions in the region are favourable. (When visiting Kashmir the Mughal Emperor Jahangir said "If there is a paradise on earth, it is here, it is here, it is here.")