Welcome to German

Welcome to Leeds German Soc!

The German Society is the place for German speakers, German natives and German enthusiasts alike to socialise and meet new people, all with a common interest in the German language, country and culture! Our tight-knit society is the perfect place for absolutely anyone to get involved in the range of events we offer throughout the year and to make some new friends outside of lectures. We welcome anyone to join us and come hang out - proficiency in German is not a prerequisite and the society is ultimately intended to be a stress and pressure-free environment for anyone who is interested! 



This year, we are planning a whole host of events, ranging from nights out to boardgames nights, pub nights to film screenings. Rest assured, there will be a wide variety of events which we are sure will suit all members. 

We are hoping to recommence the annual trip to a prominent German city this year! This is something we are very excited to offer and has been a key event for the society in years past. 

Our society also hosts nights out, such as to Revs and Walkabout, and Oktoberfest and the Christmas Markets are also big dates in the calendar for us. The Modern Languages Ball was a great success last year, and is something we hope to bring back again this year as a nice end to the year.

Not all of our socials will be drinking-based, and we will be continuing the much loved Kaffee und Kuchen, where we meet to discuss all things German related and unrelated (with free hot drinks and biscuits/cake!). 

All events will be communicated via email and our Instagram/Twitter pages.



Our society football team meets regularly for a kick about and would love for you to join! Once a year, our team takes on the German societies of other universities at the Sauerkraut Cup football tournament, often bringing a whole coach full of chanting supporters with us.

If football isn't your thing, we also have a Modern Languages Netball Team! We meet up for practices and compete in matches against other societies.


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Any questions? Email us at LUUGermanSociety@gmail.com

Wir freuen uns darauf, euch alle zu sehen :)