East Asian Feminist Society

Political & Campaigning

Welcome to East Asian Feminist Society

The purpose of our society is to provide an environment for East Asian feminists to communicate in a way that is more compatible with their own cultural backgrounds. We welcome all East Asian women, as well as all feminists who are interested in East Asian feminism but don't know about it. 

We aim to create a welcoming, supportive space for our members. Our activities will include regular discussion sessions centred around women in East Asian societies, focusing on topics such as the disempowering situation of women in East Asian societies, misogyny rooted in East Asian societies, the difficult road to empowerment for women in East Asia, and the dramatic drop in fertility rates in East Asian societies. We encourage members to share their experiences and voice their opinions.

As people categorised as disadvantaged in our own cultural context and as minorities in Western societies, we fight for our own subjectivity. We critique the objectification and dwarfing of East Asian women by Orientalism, and attack the belittling and stigmatisation of East Asian women by Misogyny. We encourage East Asian women to be fit and active, to engage in political debate with confidence, and to amicably exchange career skills and future plans.

Contact us: eafsleeds@gmail.com