Welcome to Rugby League (m)

Rugby League (M)

Leeds University Rugby League is a high performance sports society where students have the opportunity to develop both their fitness and skills all whilst being a part of a welcoming team environment.

The club has a proud history as it was the UK’s inaugural University Rugby League team, establishing the game at the University level.

Contact us at rugbyleaguemens@luu.group

About us

The Leeds University Rugby League Club is dedicated to ensure that you, as a student, have the most enjoyable experience during the time you are here to study. The club is determined to be as professional and successful as possible whilst on the field of play, however still as friendly and welcoming off it. Being a team sport we engage in plenty of team building activities on and off the pitch to grow together as a group!

Based in Yorkshire, the home of Rugby League, our society currently compete weekly against other clubs throughout the UK in the BUCS leagues and tournaments. In addition to this we also play against other non-university clubs and even national teams! Our first team play the BUCS Northern Premier division, arguably the hardest division in University Rugby League. The second team will play in the BUCS Northern 2A division, a new league that has merged a few divisions together, ensuring there will be a tough and competitive season ahead.

We set ourselves apart as a club due to our combination of good fun at training and flexibility to accommodate the demands of everyone’s degree programme along with high quality training delivered by our excellent coaching staff. This ensures that all players enjoy being members without ever feeling pressure to choose between their sport or their study, whilst also developing as individual players and as members of the team.

The club welcomes all players, of all abilities and backgrounds to join our club.


The club provides a welcoming atmosphere to all who wish to get involved. We believe that whilst at the University of Leeds the social side of societies plays a key role in the enjoyment of your time here. For this reason we plan socials at least once every week, normally on a Wednesday night (game day). These socials are great opportunities to get to know the people you see on the pitch and at training to develop new and lasting friendships. Our socials involve a lot of fancy dress, old boys nights, the infamous Otley run and many more! All of which will provide you with plenty of stories to laugh about. We also do sober socials, such meals out to Nandos and other places in Headingley. These are a great way to bond as a team and get to know each other more away from the pitch. The social side is for many the best aspect of their time at University and provides a welcomed break away from playing and studying.