Trips Programme


Welcome to Trips Programme

** Trips Programme is not a society. Its an LUU staff-led programme**

From medieval schools and colleges in Oxford to thrilling fast rides in Alton Towers, the Trips Programme at Leeds University Union has a range of destinations that suits different interests. The programme offers weekend trips that make it possible for students to explore some of the most famous attractions and locations in the UK. Although a lot of the trips focus on exploring the UK’s culture and rich history, the programme still offers fun places to visit such as Alton Towers, Blackpool Pleasure Beach and Chester Zoo. 

So what does a typical day trip look like? Well, we usually start our trips early in the morning from the Parkinson Building where a coach would be waiting for us, the farther the place we are going to the earlier we would need to leave. There isn’t a set plan to follow once we reach our destination. Everyone is sent a trip pack a day before the trip that lists the main places of interest at the location we are visiting, their opening hours and admission prices. The pack also has a map that shows where all of these places are to help you plan your day ahead. Once we get there, you are free to go around and roam on your own. The trip leader will let you know where and when the meeting place and time are.  

How long are the trips? This depends on the place we are visiting. The time we spend at a destination ranges between 4 and 6 hours which changes from one place to the other and depends on how much you can do there. Also, one of the main things that decide how long the trip would be is the distance to our destination. Far places, like Cambridge and Oxford, start at 7:30 am and end at 8 pm; whereas closer places, like York, start at 10 am and end at 6 pm. 

How are the places chosen? The majority of our trips target famous locations that are culturally rich, such as Liverpool, Cambridge, York, etc… Some of our trips are also inspired by what our attendees recommend. We have a recommendations section at the end of our feedback forms that are filled by attendees after all of the trips.

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