CICC Ignite


Welcome to CICC Ignite

Welcome to CICC Ignite, where we turn it on! 

CICC Ignite was formed as an evangelistic tool to drive Christ-centered revival across universities in the UK. The goal is to have Ignite in all UK universities; to preach good tidings, healing the brokenhearted, proclaiming liberty to those captive and opening of the prison to them that are bound [Isaiah 61:1]. To raise a holy generation in the fear of the Lord, that will endure forever.

Moreover, Ignite is a no-holds-barred fellowship wherein every topic that affects young people can be discussed and concluded according to the word of God. It is for young people at uni by young people at uni. Here, we also receive good counsel and wisdom that is beneficial for all facets of life. It is a family away from home, with such a contagious love and laughter that you can't help but contract.

Enough said, we're so glad you're joining the family!