Welcome to Hung Kuen

Hung Kuen Kung Fu is a traditional Chinese martial art originating from the Southern Shaolin Temple. Hung Kuen is based on the movements of the five traditional Kung Fu animals Dragon, Tiger, Leopard, Snake and Crane and the five classical Kung Fu elements Metal, Earth, Fire, Water and Wood. Hung Kuen Kung Fu is powerful, graceful, and provides solid self-defence techniques and challenges your fitness.


Our classes feature a mix of traditional and modern training that provide students solid foundations to build on. We practice stance training and combinations to add to our strength, power, and flexibility of the techniques. Forms practice is also an important focus of our training and practiced throughout. Hung Kuen Kung Fu is an excellent way to learn self defence and you will learn traditional self defence techniques as well as more modern techniques that will enable you to protect yourself. Pad work and sparring are also part of our training which will help you to learn correct timing and distance from your opponent as well as to increase your strength and stamina. Our more advanced students (green belt onwards) will have the opportunity to practice weapons training. 

No matter your level of fitness ability, all are welcome to join us at any time of the year. whether you have never tried martial arts, or you already have many years of training behind you and wish to try a new style. Just show up for one of our sessions and speak with the trainer or one of the committee members and we'll get you settled in. Your first session is free. Make sure to wear comfortable clothing you can move in and to bring water. 

For any questions, please contact our Instagram @luu_hung_kuen

Give It A Go 2023/24

Want to give it a go and see if Hung Kuen Kung Fu is for you? We are holding a Give It A Go sessions in Semester 2:

Wednesday 31st January 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

The session is at The Edge Studio 1.

Our GIAGs are free. All you need to do is show up wearing comfortable sports/gym clothing and bring a bottle of water. All abilities are welcome. We cannot wait to meet you all!

Training times 2023/24

Monday - 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm The Edge studio 1 (main class)

Wednesday 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm The Edge studio 1 (main class)

Both our training sessions are taken by Masters with years of experience.

Membership prices 2023/24

Students: £15   
Non-students: £45

Class prices 2023/24

Students: £3 per class  
Non-students: £6 per class

You can purchase classes in singles (1 class), blocks of 10, by semester and by year. Year and semester session cards are at a discounted price per class, see our products page for more information.

Competitions and performances

Members have the chance to participate in competitions. Our main competition is in December in Manchester, where we compete against other university Hung Kuen clubs in traditional forms, weapons forms and sparring. Competition is a great way to demonstrate what you have learnt in training, not matter your experience level, and make connections with students from universities.

In previous years we have attended the competition and our members have performed well enough to earn medals and trophies in various categories. We hope to further this success this year!


This year we plan to hold a range of socials, from special workshops around traditional Chinese culture, to evening meals, and pub socials, so there is something for everyone!

Previously we have held socials that included a dumpling-making evening, we organised meals out and have done scavenger hunts with the society. During the pandemic we moved our socials online and held an online quiz, done online cook-a-longs, and organised online games nights! All our socials are inclusive and we encourage everyone to join in.  

We love to know what socials our members would enjoy doing so please interact with our social media posts to let us know! Contact us at luuhungkuen@gmail.com or https://www.facebook.com/LUUHungKuen or our Instagram @luu_hung_kuen