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Welcome to Russian and Slavonic

Welcome to SLAVsoc! 

SLAVsoc (the Russian and Slavonic Languages Society) is a society for those studying Russian/Slavonic language or for students from the countries themselves.

It’s a great way to meet people from all years in university, ask about the year abroad experience, get acquainted and have a good time. Some of our events focus on Slavonic culture, like Russian films nights and cook-alongs, whilst others, namely the pub quizzes and themed game nights are a great way of relaxing after a busy week and making friends.

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This year we are planning a lot of collaborations with other "Russian" societies throughout UK as well as our own online and offline events. Stay tuned!


Our pub quizzes are infamous for being huge! Our first place prizes have included a self-tanning tent, a year’s supply of toilet roll, and of course vodka! In the past we’ve organised ice-skating trips, karaoke nights, bowling and much more! We even had a talk from a soviet astronaut last year!

And not forgetting our involvement in the huge Modern Languages Ball every year.