Business School Society (LUBS)


Welcome to Business School Society (LUBS)

Leeds University Business School Society is for all the students with a business interest that are willing to have a  year filled with fun events and professional opportunities.

The society offers a wide range of professional opportunities and events as well as fun socials and sports teams.


▶We pride ourselves in our ability to host a range of events with professional development as a focus

         -Company workshops

         -Night of professional exchange

         -Spring week talk

▶We organise social events which allow members to form cross-course friendships and build a wider social and professional network

       😊Freshers social

       😊Halloween social

       😊LUBS Spring Ball

       😊Secret socials

▶We are planning to organise an exclusive trip that will be held in second semester, last year we went to Budapest and the year before, Amsterdam!


▶Our members can be members of LUBS Sports team -all abilities welcome-

        ★LUBS Football

        ★LUBS Netball


▶LUBS Society also organizes a 📚booksale for second hand books during October (date will be announced soon).




   *FRESHERS DISCOUNT* Only from September to October our membership fee will be reduced to £20!


From October onwards our yearly membership is priced at £25.


The membership is giving you discounted or exclusive access to all of the events. Additionally, it gives access to the football and netball trials and teams.


We will be more than happy to have a chat with you and answer any questions you may have on our social media or on our email :