Welcome to Skydiving

Skydiving might just be the most adrenaline fuelled club anywhere at Leeds University.

Come to our Give it a Go info talk in the LUU room 4 on Thursday (05/10/23) at 19:30 if you want to find out how to become a qualify solo skydiver

Here is a link to our Info Pack for details about your skydiving experience: Leeds Skydiving 2022/23 Info Pack

We’re a massively social club with local and regional social events. More importantly, we subsidise your training to enable you to become a licensed solo skydiver! We take trips to the dropzone (Skydive Langar in Nottinghamshire) most weekends so you can get your licence quickly and really make the most of it once you have it.



There are two possible courses to take that will both award you with a British Skydiving A license: RAPS or AFF.

The RAPS course starts you jumping from a static line, and you gradually progress to freefall from higher altitudes.

The AFF course gives you the full freefall experience from your first jump, being accompanied by two instructors. 

If you want to find out more come to one of our Give It A Go sessions in October or February!



The RAPS groundschool consists of approximately eight hours of training and costs £195, which includes your first jump. Each jump after that costs £37.

AFF is paid for upfront at a sum of £1609, which covers your groundschool and the minimum 18 jumps required to gain a British Skydiving 'A' Licence. Note, however, that you will have to pay an additional fee to re-sit any of the AFF levels that you fail.


We’re taking sign ups, so send us an email or find us on Facebook at Leeds Uni Skydivers. 

Follow our Instagram at @leedsskydivers.

Contact us at leedsskydivers@gmail.com