Society Formations

Add your signature towards a new society that you’re committed to joining. Please read the How To: Start A Society guide before proceeding.



Here at LUU we have over 300 clubs and societies. We are proud of our students who deliver a diverse and exciting number of activities, across all these different interests.

We’re always encouraging students to think about setting up a Society if there’s not already one for your idea. Whether it’s just you and a few friends, a post you have seen on social media, or from your course chat, it’s likely there are lots of other people all thinking the same thing and would benefit from having a shared group to perform activities in. This guide will help you make this a reality.

Formations Process

Step one: Find 3 people who want to start and run your society with you.

Step two: Submit an idea on your student dashboard under ‘Formations’

Step three: Development & Engagement Coordinator reviews your request

Step four: Meeting invite

Step five: Hold a formation event

Step six: Activities Executive Vote

Open Formations

This society aims to bring together students studying Digital Media. The cohorts in years one, two and three will be brought together and given opportunities to meet like minded people on the same course. This society will run social events for members, where they can mix with other year groups and build up friendships with fellow course mates. This society will also involve a 'Buddy System' where first year students will have the opportunity to be paired up with a second or third year Digital Media student to share advice and support. This society would also run events related to the course, using software and showcasing digital projects that students work on.

Date created
Oct 10, 2021
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Never Updated

The LUU Laidlaw Society would be an inclusive and accessible society for current Laidlaw Leadership and Research Development Scholars at the University of Leeds and for students interested in the programme to congregate and network. It would be a fantastic opportunity for students to be apart of a community with similar individuals interested in research and networking opportunities. We would host socials (alcohol and non-alcohol) as well as events (eg. guest speakers). 

Date created
Oct 13, 2021
Last Update
Never Updated