Swing Revolution 2024

Group Swing Dance
Venue Leeds University Union
Starts Fri 12 Apr 6:45PM
End Sun 14 Apr 9:00PM

This event will take place from April 12th to 14th.  Send any question to swingsocworkshops@gmail.com.

SwingRevolution is our annual flagship event – a weekend full of swing dancing and live Jazz performance.  The band Shirt Tail Stompers will be playing for us this year.  Everything will take place on campus.

How To Participate

You can participate in this event in two ways:

  • Dance Workshops + Socials   
    You must already have some Swing dancing experience to participate.  This option gives you access to dance workshops on Saturday and Sunday during the day time.  You will also have access to evening social dance with live band performance on Friday's and Saturday's evenings.
  • Socials Only   
    If you are only interested in the music or can't make it to the dance workshops, then this option is for you.  You can choose to attend one or all evenings.

See our ticket link at the bottom of the page for more information.

About The Workshops

If you choose to attend the workshops, you will be asked to select your workshops after purchasing your tickets.  This will come in the form of an email with a link to a Google form, on which you can fill out your preferences.

There will be 8 hours of workshops in total, taking place over Saturday and Sunday during the day time.  If you have any question, come to us during our regular class, or send them to swingsocworkshops@gmail.com.

Deadline for workshop tickets occur at the end of March.

Latest Updates

As the event date approaches, we will be making regular announcements on Facebook.  Follow our event on Facebook for the latest updates.

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