AVSOC goes flying #2 (26-27 of April)

Group Aviation
Venue Sandtoft Airfield
Starts Fri 26 Apr 1:00PM
End Sat 27 Apr 2:00PM

After high demand, AvSoc are proud to announce that we are yet again offering flight sessions to our members! Yorkshire Aeroclub have given us two dates in April to give 5 members the chance to go flying 😎

Tickets will be going up for sale on Sunday 31st March at 1800 hours - so set your reminders, alarms and anything else you need to make sure you don't miss out! ✨

Further details are as follows:

Price: £50

Location: Sandtoft Airfield

Duration: Half a day (Friday April 26th 3-5pm or Saturday April 27th 11am-1pm )

Flight School: Yorkshire Aero

Aircraft: Cessna 150

Flight time: 30 Minutes

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