Chill Co-Working

Group Artificial Intelligence Society
Venue Student Union
Starts Tue 9 Apr 9:00AM
End Tue 9 Apr 10:00AM


It's said that how you start the day dictates how the day will pan out… so the aim of this event is to get the day off to a great start! 

This session runs in the morning from 9am to 10am but feel free to join and leave as you see fit! While it's often advised to tackle tougher tasks in the morning, easing into your day gently is equally valid. So bring anything you've been wanting to do!

At the beginning, we'll have a quick chat to discuss our plans, and we'll regroup towards the end to catch up on our achievements. We generally prefer to have our cameras on for a shared sense of presence, but there's no obligation to do so if you're not comfortable.

Secure your spot now (spots are free but limited!) and hop into the Teams Meeting using the link provided below. If you want to come in person, to find out the physical location simply join the meeting anytime ahead of time and ask in the chat there! The chat is always open for questions or casual conversations too :D

Look forward to seeing you! All voices welcome :) Let's do this!


Join the Meeting: Click here to join our Teams Meeting and the Teams Meeting Chat.

Ask for the physical location in the Teams Meeting Chat.


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