Sci Fi and Fantasy Board Game Day

Group Sci Fi and Fantasy
Venue Leeds University Union, Room 2
Starts Sat 1 Jun 2:00PM
End Sat 1 Jun 9:00PM

Come along to the Sci-Fi and Fantasy Gaming Day Event!

We have a large collection of multiplayer board games from party games such as Codenames and Secret Hitler to longer, more in depth board games such as Betrayal at House on the Hill and Relic.

We run from 2pm till 9pm every Saturday so feel free to drop in at whatever time. Come along by yourself and join in with others or bring along your friends. If you want to you can even bring along your own board games to play with people.

We are specifically in Union Room 2, hope to see you there! 😀

Join us on our Facebook group and Discord for more updates on our events, through our engage page! (If you have trouble finding the room, ask at the LUU front desk and they should be able direct you)

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