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The HR Coordinator is a kind, caring and thoughtful member of Dance Expose. The job is split into two main strands: stash and welfare - each of which require organisation, communication and sensitivity!

As HR it is essential that you have lots of creativity - you are responsible for creating, sourcing, ordering and distributing stash as well as overseeing costumes during exposed and the main show. Organisation is key for researching and contacting different suppliers and communication skills are essential - especially in the first weeks after auditions when you will be chasing up sizes and payments from members while keeping suppliers in the loop!

It is so rewarding to see your ideas come to life in uniforms and this is such a great opportunity to work closely with PR to come up with designs your members will love and probably take with them once they leave uni (bury me in my expose trackies hehe)

The other strand of HR coordination is welfare!! Looking after the physical and emotional well-being of members is integral to the society and so important for getting that Expose family feel. We all know how daunting it is to be a fresher and a friendly face at the freshers fair, auditions and in rehearsals is so important for newbies. Whether it is making sure your drunk freshers don't get runover on socials, holding back someone's hair on a night out or running around the union trying to find plasters, your members will definitely keep you on your toes! 

However you will not only be concerned with freshers and returnees. Crucially, the rest of your committee will be taking on a fair amount of Expose jobs on top of their degrees. Offering support, taking on extra jobs to share the burden and being a source of constant positivity is SO IMPORTANT for the morale of committee. There will be some points in the year when everyone is exhausted and stressed and the ability to put on a smile and keep cheering for your dancers and your team is key!

In addition to your individual responsibilities, you will also have general committee tasks - CHOREOGRAPHING - in your dance for the show, for LUU comp, for the intro and finale, for auditions (not all on your own of course!), LEADING - giving notes or instructions to members, especially during pre-prow, shows, comps etc, DEVISING THE SHOW - theme/title, working with backstage on lighting and tech etc is a joint endeavour and HAVING SO MUCH FUN - because Expose is life and you've got to lead by example so your members can have the best time too! 

Go into this role with confidence and excitement - you get out of being on committee what you put in and if you choose to put your all into it, this will be such a rewarding year! Committee is an opportunity to grow yourself and your society in ways you never thought were possible - seize it because I know you're gonna smash it!!!

Can't wait to see you shine,

Martha xxxx

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