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You will be responsible for organising any trips that you wish for the English Society to go on. This might include day trips to a nearby city where hired transport is required but primarily will focus on the Society's traditional overnight trip to a city further away. This role was not included in the committee for the 2021/22 academic year, but we feel that it is an important addition to maximise social and academic opportunities for members of the English Society. Your role will likely include coordination with the Social Secs regarding the society's social calendar, working with the Treasurer to file any applications to the union for grants, and communicating with the Social Media Sec to coordinate promotion. The role will also likely involve liaising with the union's activities team for advice on grant approval, coach hire, health and safety procedures etc. We hope that this role will allow the elected member to carefully plan a fun and memorable trip for the society which is organised steadily throughout the year. If the trip takes place earlier on in the year we also hope that the Trip Sec position will allow you to get involved with other areas of the society in need of assistance. 

Whilst the society didn't have an official Trip Sec this year, you will be able to access guidance in your role from the Social Sec and Treasurer's handover documents. You should also expect support in your role (i.e. in attendance on trips, help in completing certain documents) from the other members of the committee. It'll be a lot of fun, please apply!!!

Position Information

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