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The role of Equality and Diversity Secretary is a hugely rewarding part of the committee, enabling you to meet students from across different year groups, and be a person they can come to when they may have a question or concern.

Key parts of the role include:

1. Hosting the weekly English Society Teas

2. Furthering efforts to decolonise the curriculum via ‘The De-colonial Bookshelf’ (formerly known as the ‘BAME Bookshelf’)

3. Ensuring that society events are inclusive and accessible for all.

4. Uplifting the voices and concerns of both society members and committee members alike.

The essence of the role of Equality and Diversity Secretary is to make sure than everyone is happy with the general running of things – make sure that things are fair and consider everyone’s input and everyone’s needs to the best of your ability. You are aiming to uplift the voices of society and committee members alike, making sure that everyone feels heard and respected. You are expected to make sure that events run by the society are inclusive for all.

A key part of the role of Equality and Diversity Secretary is to run the weekly English Society Teas. These are both a staff and student favourite and have been so essential in the last year as we have moved away from Covid Restrictions. You will be expected to organise, setup, host and clear up the teas on a weekly basis. The teas are especially important for first year students, who may use the teas as a space to meet other students and socialise as they find their feet in their first semester.

You will also continue the ‘The De-colonial Bookshelf’ (formerly known as ‘BAME Bookshelf’). Covid restrictions and other factors have meant that this has not become a permanent fixture within the English Foyer (something I will be looking into during the process of this AGM), however it is a fantastic initiative which you will need to further. When you take up this role, you will be given a collection of books written by a range of diverse authors which you will be the librarian of. You will be responsible for making sure that none of the books go missing, and that there is a fair lending period. 

It would also be advised that you to keep an eye on the share of the workload within the English Society Committee. Monitoring how everyone on the committee is feeling workwise is essential for good working relations and creates a more equal environment.

The elected Equality and Diversity Secretary will receive support from the LUU as well as be able to consult the previous position holder's handover document detailing further role guidance.

Position Information

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1 April 2022 at 12:00 PM
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