General Interest

Welcome to Entrepreneurs

🎓🚀We're here to spark your innovation, fuel your ambition, and equip you with real-world skills. 

Our Mission:
Empower students to thrive in the world of entrepreneurship. Whether you're driven to launch a startup or just curious about business, we've got something for you.


Types of events we will potentially host:

Relevant Talks:

🎙️We organise talks featuring successful entrepreneurs,

industry experts, and thought leaders to provide valuable insights and motivation to our members. 

Forums on Current Business Issues:

🌐In order to encourage critical thinking and awareness, we host forums on current issues affecting various business sectors. 💼


🤔Our society aims to foster intellectually stimulating conversations, including philosophical debates relevant to enterprise. These discussions explore the ethical and philosophical aspects of entrepreneurship and its implications. 🧠💭


🔧Innovation Process & Business Canvas Preparation:  We conduct workshops on the innovation process and business canvas preparation. These sessions equip members with essential skills to transform their ideas into actionable plans.

🗣️ Pitch Training: We offer pitch training to enhance members' communication and presentation skills, preparing them for potential opportunities and partnerships.

Regular Member Meetings:

📚We aim to hold regular member meetings for open discussions, knowledge-sharing, and collaborative decision-making.


🥂Apart from our events, we also organise engaging socials where members can unwind, form lasting friendships and just have fun! These may take place in local pubs, bars, clubs etc.