Leeds Student Sustainability Consultancy


Welcome to Leeds Student Sustainability Consultancy

Leeds Student Sustainability Consultancy (LSSC) is a student-led initiative dedicated to fostering positive environmental and social change within our local community. We are committed to providing our members with a unique platform for hands-on learning, industry collaboration, and meaningful sustainability projects. Fostering a genuine passion for sustainability and integration with the local business community represents the core elements of LSSC.

In a world facing pressing environmental challenges, LSSC recognizes that not everyone has equal access to sustainable guidance. This is where our mission comes into play: we offer pro bono sustainable solutions to the services and organizations that touch our everyday lives, enhancing their sustainability, and operational efficiency.

Our journey:

We firmly believe that students possess the potential to drive successful projects with a lasting sustainable impact. Within our university, we have found a wealth of diverse talents, from geographers and environmental scientists to engineers. From undergraduate students to postgraduates, we understood that we collectively hold the interdisciplinary skills necessary to function as a student-led sustainability consultancy.

LSSC unites these passionate students and forms a team of consultants dedicated to enriching the sustainability of our local community. We envision LSSC as a small seed in a vast forest, inching us closer to a more sustainable and equitable society. Our commitment lies in nurturing the three pillars: the project pillar, the learning pillar, and the social pillar. 

Our fundamental goals, are to encourage learning and socials alongside our sustainability projects and industry collaborations. We aim to create an impact that resonates far beyond our campus, bringing about positive change for all.


While gaining valuable experience within the society is a key focus, we firmly believe in the importance of you enjoying your journey with us.

This year, we're excited to introduce a series of engaging pub quizzes, pizza nights and various other social events to foster a sense of camaraderie and connection among our members.

Furthermore, we offer case partner programs, a fantastic opportunity for members to pair up and collaborate on projects. This not only promotes skill development but also provides a platform to connect with fellow aspiring student consultants. It's all about enhancing your experience while having a great time along the way!