2000 Point Tournament

Group Warhammer Society
Venue Leeds University Union, Room 4
Starts Sat 11 May 10:00AM
End Sat 11 May 6:00PM

Embark on a strategic journey in our 2,000-point Warhammer 40K tournament, where battles unfold with classic intensity. Bring your A-game and a 2,000-point army for a day of friendly competition. Test your wits, tactics, and camaraderie against fellow commanders in a series of standard games. No frills, just classic 40K action! Join us for a day of tabletop warfare and fun as you vie for supremacy on the battlefield.

Event Tickets

  • 2000 Point Tournament Ticket (Non-Leeds Uni)

    Warhammer Society - Affiliate Membership

    Warhammer Society - Public Membership

    Warhammer Society - Participant Membership

    £ 6.00

    Bring this ticket to the tournament and start rolling dice!

  • 2000 Point Tournament Ticket (Leeds University Students)

    Warhammer Society - Student Membership

    £ 4.00

    Bring this ticket to the tournament and start rolling dice!

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