Walk the Labyrinth

Group Wellbeing
Venue Emmanuel Centre, University of Leeds, 183 Woodhouse Lane, LS2 3AR
Starts Mon 29 Apr 10:00AM
End Mon 29 Apr 4:00PM

Do you need a quiet space to fellowship with the creator?

Visit the Emmanuel Centre and spend time in quiet contemplation as you walk the labyrinth. A labyrinth is simply a place to walk and pray. 

There is nothing mystical about it. It gives you the freedom to walk around while focusing your mind on God – and not worry about getting lost. Unlike a maze with its many paths and dead ends, a labyrinth is a single path which leads to the centre and back out again.

It is not an over religious activity,use it to centre yourself, or to breath. 

You begin the walk with an intention, or a questions; journey to the center and pause. Once in the center you can listen, breath, and leave your intention there, before beginning your return journey. The hope is that you finish your journey feeling a little lighter.

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