Searching for belonging: Is there a place where I truly fit in?

Group Christian Union
Venue Riley Smith Theatre, Leeds University Union
Starts Thu 15 Feb 7:30PM
End Sun 25 Feb 9:00PM

What is this Event?
Join us as we explore the question: “Is there a place where I truly fit in?” over an evening snack! The event will include a short talk and Q&A section so that you can hear what we as Christians have to say on the topic and ask your questions. We also really want to hear what you think on the topic so there will be lots of time for open discussion to hear all different perspectives.

What is Searching?
Everyone is searching for something: wealth, purpose, meaning, happiness, justice, hope or many other things. This week we will be giving a Christian perspective and opening up the floor to many different views, beliefs and perspective on some of the big questions in life in a range of different events.

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