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There are usually three sports that CivSoc runs – football, rugby and netball. The leagues need sorting for all of these – remember to check with the Treasurer that there are enough funds to pay for these before buying them! Be in contact with all team captains to understand what is needed.

Varsity will be hosted by Sheffield next year, you will be happy to hear (Check this with sheffield) All that is needed is to organize the trip down there and back for all the teams that are participating across the whole engineering department. You can be in talks with other engineering societies to help with this.

Message from our sports sec:

This year there was 3 sports teams

Football – this was run by a captain and I wasn’t too sure what went on however they do enrol in a social league which was £300 this is accessed through this link

Netball – This was something I created this year. The same with football in that it had a league which is accessed by the same link. Kit, I sourced from Surridge and the person I contacted was Danny ( He provided skorts and polos these both had University of Leeds engineering netball on them with a gryphon like the photo but obviously with the LLs. Also, the polo I selected was a blade polo with red segments just if you wanted to get it again and then it would match with the few people that got them this year. Finally, training was provided in the edge and these were set up by Jess Walsh who was the netball captain this year

Rugby – This was also another new club. They do not have a league however if you contact peter Seabourne via Facebook messenger he provided me with a Astro pitch at weetwood on Sunday evenings for free and would be happy to help set up matches. There is rugby kit already ordered and it has probably been passed to the president of civsoc as you read this but just pop me a message and ill tell you the exact location of the kit. There was low attendance this year but if there was more advertising on the other societies pages, I think it really would have been a success so get in early with them to advertise and get a captain.

Also I set up 2 socials this year that was quite a success so id say they were definitely worth doing again.

Just to confirm the netball and rugby teams are for the 4 engineering societies so that’s, Chemical, mechanical, civil, and electrical. Whilst the football is just civil.

The link to the rugby page is

the link to the netball page is

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