We are now 406 members strong, thank you to everyone who turned up and the instructors that made the GIAG week. 

If you missed us this week please join any of our classes, and we will be able to catch you up! Please say it is your FREE GIAG session at the EDGE gates in order to be let through for free (Please note this is up to the EDGE's discretion, we have no control over whether they will let you through without our membership). 

From Monday you will need to buy our discounted £15 membership in order to gain access to the EDGE (the barriers will be up and you'll need your student card!) Otherwise you may be charged for private hall entry (£7). 

The deadline for our kit deal is next Saturday, please ensure that you either have signed up for kit, or plan to buy your own kit if you wish to continue training with us. At the least you will need gloves (10-12oz) and pads. 


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