GIAG Announcement

High on Life

High on Life

Tuesday, 5 October

We are pleased to announce our GIAG event, Mocktail Night! We will have a range of drinks so you can decide to make your own mocktail or have something else like a lemonade! We have some exciting news about the event to be announced in the next couple of days too so keep your eyes peeled for this!!

This event is completely free and open to everyone so bring your friends and have fun! We will also be taking our board games so that you can have something fun to do whilst you’re there.

Please get a free ticket on the LUU engage website beforehand if possible, if not we will need to ask you for a couple of details when you arrive. We do have lots of tickets available but please arrive early to guarantee you get the drinks you want!

Image Description: mocktail night, GIAG, Pyramid Canteen, 12/10 7pm in black writing. Please get a ticket on engage there are plenty available in white text underneath with the society logo next to it. The background is a mixture of colours.


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