Auditions are here!



Saturday, 2 October

The first audition for our winter pantomime is tomorrow and we couldn't be more excited! See our Facebook page for all of the details, and let us know you're coming by clicking Interested or Going on the events! 

What we’ve got planned/what we’re looking for in Romeo & Juliet: 

* Singing everything from I Just Had Sex by The Lonely Island to Somebody To Love by Queen (harmonies and all!)

* Russian, French, and American accents (no, we didn’t learn our lesson from our 2019 show. Accents are great. Deal with it.)

* Extreme narrator sarcasm

  • * Dancing in high heels 👠 

* Lots of belting from our lead girl!

* Improv and audience interaction/participation 

* A fourth wall so broken that it will be in therapy for years 

* Some intense choreography 🥇💃

* Stage fighting! 🥊 And LOTS of it! 

* The most FUN you’ll have on stage at uni - and in the Riley Smith to boot 🥾❤️

* A polyamorous twist ending that is quickly becoming a trademark of LUU PantSoc for some reason 

* Seriously, it keeps happening 

* Help us 

If any of this sounds like YOU then get yourselves down to Scarlet studio either tomorrow or Tuesday - we can't wait to see you!


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