Clubs and Societies - Compliance

How to - Club and Society Compliance


Congratulations on being elected to run your society! Compliance are the rules, standards, governance, and more (!), that your society operates within. It enables you to ensure that your society places your member’s health and safety first and represents their interests. It ensures that your society operates in-line with LUU’s bye-laws and articles of association. Compliance is completed by your society before the start of the academic year.

Components and deadlines

AGM - 31st July 22
Annual Risk Assessment - 15th August 22
Constitution - 31st August 22
Code of Conduct - 31st August 22
Officer Holder Code of Standards - 31st August 22
Equipment Audit - 31st August 22 with exceptions if not in Leeds
Coach/Instructor registration - Ongoing

The full guide to complete your Compliance
You can find the full guide here - this includes more details on what you need to do and helpful guides to upskill you.

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Lastly, please don't take this all on by yourself! Compliance is manageable broken down over-time. However, it has the potential to become a source of stress. Please share the responsibilities as a committee and contact your Development and Engagement Coordinator. We will be running some information sessions and drop-ins during August.