Clubs and Societies - Ready for Semester 1 2022/23

Running a Successful Welcome Fair Stall

So, you’ve booked your place at our Welcome Fair, and you’re eager to get talking to new students and find some new members for your fantastic society! Welcome week only comes round once a year, so you want to make sure you have as big an impact as possible. That’s where this guide comes in! This guide will go through all the things you can do to have a welcoming, engaging stall which is bound to attract droves of new members.

Your Stall

Your stall is one of the most important things to consider at the welcome fair as it’s the main thing students will see as they walk through the fair. Try to make it stand out! Most groups like to bring some kind of tablecloth, perhaps with a pattern related to their society.

One good way to make your society stand out is to bring a banner which you can attach to the front of your stall– this way students know what group you are!

Make sure you include as much information as possible on your stall: posters for upcoming socials or events, any publications you’ve created, or images of past socials all work really well to give students a taste of what your society is all about.

Some groups like to give out sweets and chocolates on their stall. This is a nice way to attract people and lets you give them something as they leave. Just make sure you display any allergy information and stick to pre-packaged snacks.

Finally, perhaps the most important thing on the stall will be you (any other committee members who run the stall). Societies are all about building relationships with new members, and the best advocates for any society will be those who run it. Try to come up with a short “elevator pitch” which quickly gives people an idea of what your society does, the kind of events you run and why they should join! This will help you give students a great idea of what to expect and will hopefully make them want to join


One way to ensure your welcome fair presence is engaging and stands out from the crowd is to include activities students can take part in.

This can be anything to do with your society– for example Motorsport Society often brings a driving simulator rig to their stall with prizes, Extended Reality brings a VR headset to try out and some groups have digital screens with recordings of their past events.  

Engage Page

One important aspect to running a successful Welcome Week Stall is having somewhere for students to go online to see more about your society. We’d strongly recommend taking some time before Welcome Week to get your Engage page fully up to date.

The things we’d recommend having on your Engage page are:
A detailed description of what your society is about and who it is for
Images such as society logos and a banner image
Contact details for committee members
Events created on Engage for any upcoming socials or meetings you have planned

To edit your society page, first go to your committee dashboard, click on 'Edit group' and the page editor will appear. Further information on editing your society page can be found here.


While plenty of students will come to your stall as they pass by, it can add a real boost to engagement to make some posts on social media inviting students to come and say hi at the stall.

If your society has an instagram page, make sure to do an instagram story and tag LUU’s instagram account in the story, that way they’ll reshare your post on the official LUU instagram!

The LUU Marketing team is also looking for societies to feature in its Welcome content on social media! If your society would like to be involved, please get in touch with Emily at for more details.

Give it a Go

Welcome Fair is a great way to get your society in front of people, but it’s also important to ensure that engagement isn’t only for one day. Running a Give it a go event is a great way to show new members what to expect from your society, it gives you something to invite people to at Welcome Week. We’ve got a whole extra guide for Give It A Go arriving shortly.