Elections at LUU

So you want to stand for a club or society committee

Have you been a member of a club or society this year and fancy taking the next step and standing as a student leader on the society committee? Then you’ve come to the right place! This article is your one stop shop for everything you need to know about standing to be on a club or society committee.

Why stand?

Being on a society committee is a fantastic opportunity for all sorts of reasons.

The number one reason for most students is simply because it’s a fantastic opportunity to be part of the amazing community of student clubs and societies on campus, really adding to the University experience for your peers who take part in society activity.

Being on a committee is also an excellent opportunity to access an array of learning and development opportunities, and this year we’re going all out on this by holding a “committee conference”, which will be a week of networking with other committee members and learning everything you need to to run a really successful society.

Part of the learning and development you will take up as a committee member is the amazing leadership skills you’ll pick up, which will prove invaluable in all sorts of situations.

Speaking of leadership skills, the experience you’ll gain on a club or society committee will be invaluable on your CV when it comes to that all important job hunt!

Another reason to run to be on a committee is the amazing opportunity it offers to meet new people with shared interests. Not only will you build closer friendships within your own club or society, but you’ll also have fantastic opportunities to network with other committee members, such as at Committee Conference and events such as the Presidents’ Network.

So what does it take to lead a society?

Being a society committee member can be a lot of work, but it’s very rewarding and will massively enrich your experience on campus.

It can be quite time consuming, so we’d recommend you make sure you have the free time to devote to your club or society and its members.

Responsibilities vary depending on which position you hold, but we’ll make sure you’re fully trained up for whichever role you go for.

Other than that, societies are a place for anyone and everyone, so it’s important to LUU that it’s as open and accessible as possible.

So what’s the process for standing to be on a committee?

You can see all the societies with positions up for elections here.

They key dates you need to know are:

  •  Nominations Open: Friday 1st April
  • Nominations Close: Saturday 30th April
  • Voting Period: Monday 2nd to Sunday 8th May
  • Results Announced: 11th May

If you have any further questions then please contact the activities team at activities@leeds.ac.uk

Save the Date

Make sure you save the date for the week commencing June 6. If you’re successful in your election to a committee, this is when Committee Conference will be taking place, including loads of networking and training opportunities– you won’t want to miss out!