Managing your Clubs & Societies: Processes

How To: Book an LUU or university space

UPDATE: We have now opened the LUU room booking system to all groups for requests to be made for an LUU space. The login for your group's account has been sent to the President (or the President equivalent) of every society. Where a group does not currently have a President, this has been sent to your Secretary. Please check your junk folder and email your Development & Engagement Coordinator or if you have not yet received this. Please note that the space you have requested will NOT be confirmed until it has been approved by the Student Activities team.

Please ensure you have read our Room Booking Guidance for our booking policy and how to book a space.

Furthermore, our University Room Booking Form is now open and we will be accepting both block bookings and ad hoc requests here.


It has been exciting seeing the LUU building alive and full to the brim with all sorts of activities over Term 1. In order to ensure that all our societies can fully engage with their ambitious plans, we will be making some significant changes to the room booking procedures.

We have listened to all your feedback and made several changes. For term 2 bookings, we are implementing the following:

  • Physical activity groups will be able to block book their sessions in specialised rooms (e.g. studios) with the Activities team in advance of term 2. This google form is now open and can be found in the guidance below.
  • All clubs and societies will be sent logins for the LUU room booking system to request rooms themselves. This will be approved by Activities staff.
  • Block bookings will be allowed on the LUU room booking system as long as they are within our block booking policy (please read the guidance below). This will be for meeting rooms 1-6, the studios and stalls in Union Square.
  • You will be able to block book university rooms for term 2 as well as make ad hoc requests. These must come through the google form in the guidance. We will let you know in advance when we start accepting responses.

Please read our new Room Booking Guidance for changes to our processes for term 2 and timelines for these changes. We will let you know in advance when each phase of the booking process is about to commence and what you need to do.

Until you receive a further update, please continue to request rooms via this form.

For any questions or concerns, please contact your Development & Engagement Coordinator or