Managing your Clubs & Societies: Processes

How to: Book an external speaker

The external speaker process below is in place to make sure we can continue to invite a diverse range of speakers onto campus and that we don’t have to refuse a platform to anyone.

An external speaker counts as anybody who is not a member of your society coming to do a talk, hold a workshop, host an event or debate an issue. 

This includes:

  • People who are not members of LUU (i.e. not a current student at the University of Leeds)
  • People who are not members of staff at LUU or the University. If a member of staff is speaking on a topic totally unconnected with their role we would also consider them to be an External Speaker. So if a Maths lecturer, for example, were to be on the panel for a debate around Censorship, the external speaker form would need to be completed.
  • External speakers are people who have a platform at an event for which LUU is accountable. This is for in-person and digital events, both on and off-campus
  • It includes events organised by clubs and societies, campaigners, Student Leaders as well as by LUU staff.

Please read more about our external speaker process in our guide.

Step One

Whether you are inviting an external speaker on to campus or off campus, if it is part of your society event you need to fill out this form at least 21 days before the event.

If you’ve got more than one external speaker coming to the same event, they can all be noted in one form.

IMPORTANT: We need as much detail about the speaker and event as possible, this includes letting us know the speaker's full name and a detailed description of the event.

Step Two

A trained member of LUU staff will determine if the speaker is potentially high-profile or controversial and you will either:

  • Be told you are able to go ahead with the event
  • Invited to a meeting so we can talk through your event and see whether you need any additional support, make sure the event is managed well, and that the risks are assessed. You’ll be asked to fill out another form too which we will send to you before the meeting.

If you have any questions, please contact or your Development & Engagement Coordinator.