Elections at LUU

Introduction: Clubs and Society Elections Month 2022

Club and Society Election Month 2022 

*Save the date!* Make sure you have all your elections set up on Engage by March 28th in order for nominations to open on April 1st for elections month!

Everything you need to know about your AGM's and elections

What are AGMs/Elections?

Every year your society must hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM). This term describes the election process to choose your new committee for the next academic year. Our student societies are run for, with, and by students. This is something we're fiercely proud of. Therefore every year, an election must take place.

The headline points:

  • An election is to take place online using Engage
  • Elections held in other formats will not be valid and will need to be held again
  • The current committee's term of office officially ends 31st August 2022
  • Many societies will operate their own handover process and may hand over duties earlier
  • You must elect all three core positions: President, Secretary, and Treasurer
  • Core-committee positions cannot be held or voted on by non-University of Leeds students

Additional information:

  • Some societies will run hustings for their members.
  • Other societies will organise an elections party to celebrate their results.
  • You are no longer required to provide financial reports, minutes from your AGM, voting information.

What is Election Month?

Following LeadLUU is Club & Society Election Month. We elect all the leaders of our student groups for the next academic year. We have more than 300 fantastic clubs & societies at LUU, forming one of the most essential parts of University life. Each group is led by a committee of students – holding positions from President and Secretary through to Head of Publicity and beyond.

All of our club & society committees are elected by their group members. Any student member of the group is eligible to nominate themselves. It's an excellent opportunity to steer the student group for a year and the perfect way to develop CV-worthy skills like communication, leadership and conflict resolution. These elections are held online on Engage, just like LeadLUU.

  • Nominations Open: Friday 1st April
  • Nominations Close: Saturday 30th April
  • Voting Period: Monday 2nd to Sunday 8th May
  • Results Party: 11th May

In 2020, over 266 clubs and societies took part in Election Month. An impressive 27,711 votes were cast, and there were over 1553 positions available. A phenomenal democratic exercise!

What are the benefits of taking part in Election Month?

All groups which take place in election month will be entered into a prize drawer to win one of the following:

  • Dance mat for future society socials
  • Nintendo Switch and Mario Kart for those society events
  • Dukes Donuts for you and your members
  • Roxy Ballroom or Junkyard Golf committee party
  • Football pitch or tennis court hire for a society match
  • Party games including What Do You Meme, Cards Against Humanity, Throw Throw Burrito and more for your next social
  • LUU Old Bar/Common Ground/Terrace Vouchers for committee meetings
  • Canva subscription for future poster making
  • Fruity tickets for your committee to celebrate a fantastic year
  • Coffee on the Crescent for a committee meeting

The above prizes are designed to be things you can enjoy as a society, both with your members and/or as a committee.

Furthermore, there are the following advantages to taking part in election month:

  • Be a part of something bigger!
  • Activities will run a more comprehensive marketing campaign celebrating our student committee leaders. In addition to your own marketing methods, this will aid you in encouraging members to stand for roles and vote.
  • Increased elections support from Activities Team and LUU Digital Services.
  • Elections can be a stressful period. Our teams will be focused on providing you with the best elections service during this time.
  • Not everything has to be down to the committee. We can support with marketing and communications, boosting turnout and finding candidates.
  • Take advantage of our wonderful community - fellow committee members across all our societies will be hosting elections like you. This creates networks and opportunities to support, share tips, and give advice.
  • A whole month of nominations will create more opportunities for you to attract candidates and improve the diversity of your committee.
  • Following feedback, the timings have been selected to ensure members and committee members complete elections before exam season begins.
  • Active 'job board' listing general committee positions that you may be struggling to fill for all LUU members.
  • Committee Conference 2022: we're currently working hard to bring you a series of in-person and online workshops in June (After exams) to help all new committee members learn their role, support with handover and meet other committee members. It is essential that you have students ready to attend this and be off to a flying start.

Setting up an election

Setting up an election is simple with Engage. Please follow our guides here:

How to: Society Elections, Nominations and Voting (luu.org.uk)

This guide shows you how to set up your nominations and voting period.

To take part in Election Month, you must ensure that you select your nomination and voting dates to be:

Nominations Open: Friday 1st April

Nominations Close: Saturday 30th April

Voting Opens: Monday 2nd

Voting Closes: Sunday 8th May

Usually, once an election ends, the results are released automatically and students are added to their new positions. However, our developers are currently working on a feature which enable you to the hide results, enabling the committee to announce the results at their discretion. For example, hosting a results party. This feature will be ready for election month with further details announced then.

Don't forget to tell your members about the upcoming elections! We recommend using the week commencing 21st March to let your members know and set up the election.

What if these dates don't work for me?

We're always determined to be as flexible as possible for our societies. There may be a reason why you do not wish to take part - this might be due to an event you have planned for a specific date. If the answer is tradition, we encourage you to think critically - there may be benefits to changing things up.

The most important date is that your AGM must be completed before 16th May. If this presents difficulties, please contact your Development and Engagement Coordinator.

If hosting an election before Election Month, for example, in March, please contact your Development and Engagement Coordinator. This will be fine, but we will need to ensure your elections are set up right on Engage to prevent problems down the line.

I am a new society, do I still need to hold an AGM?

If your society formed after December 31st 2021, you do not need to host an AGM.

I would like some advice

AGMs are an exciting time in which we celebrate the year's successes and prepare for exciting changes. However, it can also be a worrying time for some of us.

We would like to encourage more people to stand for positions.

The most important fact is that you elect three core officer roles. Worst case scenario, other positions can be selected later in the year. However, this isn't an easy 'get-out-of-jail' situation - failing to elect your full committee ultimately creates more pressure on other committee members.

Use our external job board! This will help you reach students who are interested in a leadership position but are not in your society.

Club and Society Election Month Notice Board (padlet.com)

Make a post with which positions you would like to fill, how an interested candidate can contact you and something interesting about your society. Activities will share this with our wider student population. Interested students who are not members will then contact you to enquire about running. These members will need to join your society - they must either pay to join or please contact your Development and Engagement Coordinator and we can add them.

Our e-learning for inclusive clubs and societies provides pointers to help build diverse committees


Previous feedback is that people do not run for committee positions as they believe that societies may be cliquey or not inclusive. The above guide will help you break barriers and ensure that your society committee is open to everyone.

We would like to encourage more people to vote

Quorum means that at least 6 members must vote for a position. In addition to the central marketing campaign, encourage your members to vote by hosting an event, encouraging your candidates to campaign, making posts, and sending emails to remind your members. Everyone who interacts with your committee must be a member of the society. Do a quick health check and ensure that your members are registered properly.

If you do not reach quorate for a role and/or fail to elect a core officer, you can re-run the election for that position. You must have all three core roles in place by the end of May.


What happens if there is an election dispute?

Election disputes happen. If a member or candidate makes a complaint, please let your Development and Engagement know. Our Union Affairs and Communications Executive, Aysha, is the Returning Officer for elections. This means that she is the arbiter for decisions and responding to complaints.

Should I host my election online or offline?

Your election must take place online using the Engage platform. This decision was ratified in 2020 by the Activities and Opportunities Officer and the Activities Executive.

This decision was made to support committees with a fairer and more accessible election process. The online system ensures that only the correct type of membership can stand and vote for positions. Furthermore, it calculates the STV voting requirements appropriately and reduces the chance for human error.

Finally, candidates expressed a desire for transparent and fair elections. Elections held in-person and by secret ballot often created complaints and accusations of 'cliquey-ness'. Members, in many cases, felt that they were not able to go for positions. To encourage an inclusive elections procedure in which your diverse membership can all participate, online elections were decided.

Just like LeadLUU, the elections take place online. However, that doesn't prevent you from hosting in-person events to recruit candidates, hustings, and more!

Results Party

You can choose for your results to be released automatically or withheld to enable the committee to announce them!

If you have a results party, why not hold it on Wednesday 11th April at Terrace? The following deals are on offer 5-9PM:

 ·         Coors pint for £3

·         Bottle of Corona for £3

·         Heineken zero for £2.20

·         Belle & Co sparkling wine 0% for £3

·         Kopparberg flavours for £4

·         Blue Moon pint for £ 3.80

·         Large house wine glass for £3.50

·         Pint coke zero/diet coke/lemonade for £1.50

·         Moretti pint for £3.80

·         Thatchers Gold pint for £3

 Alternatively, book out a meeting room or space in Common Ground!

Handover and Training

Committee Conference 2022

We're currently working hard to bring you a series of in-person and online workshops in June (After exams) to help all new committee members learn their role, support with handover and meet other committee members. You must have students ready to attend this and get off to a flying start.

Please start thinking about your handover.

We wish you all the best with your upcoming election. As always, please contact your Development and Engagement Coordinator if you have any questions, need advice, or just want to have a chat.