Please tell us your membership prices for 21/22 so we can add your memberships to the system.

Please read our guide on How To: Group Memberships.

We have different types of memberships with specific permissions as to what someone holding that membership can or cannot do. 

It is very important that your members buy the correct type of membership, otherwise their permissions in the system will be limited. Many of these permissions have existed for previous years, however, the previous system wasn’t able to differentiate between them and this created plenty of confusion for committees and students.

Please note that it is no longer possible to sell lifetime or multi-year memberships for societies. Our standard, affiliate and public memberships all last for one year and need to be renewed annually. When creating a supplementary add-on membership, please avoid terms such as ‘lifetime’, as products will also expire after one year.

Occasionally you may wish to have different types of add-ons. For example, some members can have additional privileges, such as being able to access socials or reduced tickets for performances. In this case, you create a product and sell an 'add-on', 'supplement' or 'activation'. Please do not use the term 'membership' in products as this will confuse people.

Supplementary add-on memberships

You can create supplementary add-on memberships for your Clubs & Societies by adding them as products to your shop. To do this, you will first need to log in to your account and go to memberships on your student dashboard. Click on 'Committee dashboard'. You can then access the Products tab from your committee dashboard as shown below.

After you have clicked on the Products tab, you will need to create a new product from the right corner. This will open a new window where you will be able to add the add-on membership's name, description and price as shown below. 

When setting up the membership:

- Make sure you choose the "Internal System" as the Purchase system. 

- Tick the box that limits the add-on membership to members only, as they are add-on memberships and should only be purchased by standard, affiliate or public members of your society. 

- If you are only planning to sell a set number of add-on memberships then you can use the Products available field to set that. If you don't plan to have a limited number of add-on memberships, then you can enter 0 in this field.  

- Make sure that the Maximum products per person field is set to 1 to stop members from buying the same add-on membership more than once. 

- Finally, make sure to tick the Make active tick box for the membership to be available to members. You can untick this field if you are no longer planning to sell the add-on membership. Once you are done, you can click on Create Product at the bottom to finalise the set up and add the membership to your shop. 

All of the fields are shown in the image below. 

Once you have successfully created the add-on membership, you will have the option to edit its details and you can find a list of purchasers as it can be seen from the following 3 images.