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Shorts WITHOUT pockets 🩳

£ 9.00 GBP

Includes shipping

Shorts WITH pockets 🩳

£ 10.50 GBP

Includes shipping

Jersey 👕

£ 16.00 GBP

Includes shipping.

Remember to buy shorts as well if you ordered them!


£ 3.50 GBP

Max 1 products per account

Sondico ergo fit fusion mouthgard RRP £4.50 from Sports Direct

If you're playing at Northern with us, you will need to have a gumshield/mouthguard fitted in order to be allowed on pitch.

Please, if you don't have one, I will be blue-carded into the corner of shame again and that makes me SAD.

I recommend having a look yourself if you can find any that you prefer the colour of or are less bulky (the more expensive, the smaller and better they can be shaped to fit your mouth, but I have this one in black and it's just fine).

Message me if you're not sure where Sports Direct is and would like a witty guide on your journey.