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We provide a supportive space for LGBT people of colour. QTIPOC stands for queer/trans/intersex people of colour and our aim is to uplift these voices and increase the visibility of this community.

We host events including sober potlucks and coffee hours to recreate that sense of community which is often lost for LGBTQIA people of colour. If you would like to join our private Facebook group where you can keep up to date, then please DM us on instagram: @qtipocleeds

We do NOT tolerate any transphobia or biphobia, and are very welcoming to intersex people and asexual people. We believe in gender diversity and welcome non-binary identities.


We work in collaboration with Our Space Leeds and other QTIPOC organisations to put on meet ups, events and socials that centre our community.


Membership is free of charge.

Contact us at qtipocleeds@gmail.com

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