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United Island is a society created for the celebration and education of Small Island culture. A place where our members can feel at home. Our aim is to make our members and others more socially conscious of smaller islands.

In addition to this, our desire is to help our members that come from small islands find their place and way within the university. As well as letting everyone know about the minority who have major things to offer. This is a place where all can socialise with other members from the small island and present the wonders to everyone else. 

This begins with cultural relevant talks and events such as the festival of stars, the carnival of stars and games nights. United Island is the place where our members can have fun, joy and growth in their life that can help them in their journey while at university. 

Finally, we, as a society, aim to ensure that these minority islands get the attention they need and deserve, where they can be a part of a community in Leeds and to offer a place of harmony for our members and all others at the university.

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