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Where students studying or with interest in the Asia Pacific can meet, socialise, and come for support.

Studying an Asia Pacific related subject? Just have an interest in the area?

Welcome to APSSoc!

We are a society for students who study Asia Pacific Studies, related degree subjects, or just have an interest in the area.

Many of the Asia related degree courses have few members, which makes it difficult to meet other people with interests in the same area as you.

The aim of this society is to connect those students that study APS with both people on their own course, and those who study similar/related degrees and people with similar interests! We are aiming to create an opportunity and space for these students to meet, socialise and build friendships, as well as to offer support, advice and relevant career-related opportunities to those who study APS at Leeds!

We run socials throughout the year (some subsidised by the society) such as weekly socials, a Halloween party and Christmas meal. We are also planning on Asian related movie nights and cooking classes among others, and we are very open to suggestions from our members for more activities!

We also run alumni and other career seminars to help students gain an idea of related jobs available to them as well as build a networking community.

We are always welcome to new members. No matter if you missed the start of the year, just pop down to one of our weekly socials and come meet everyone!

If you have any ideas, questions or suggestions for socials just send us a message.

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