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Here at Beat Soc we work directly with the UK's largest Eating Disorder Charity Beat. We run socials, talks, fundraising events and more!

We aim to demolish stigmas surrounding eating disorders and host a variety of fundraising and well-being events on campus. We are a team of friendly volunteers, so if you would like to make a difference and help those affected by eating disorders, as well as help raise money for the charity, then Beat Soc is the society for you!


We aim to hold as many events as we can throughout the year. Granted that this year might be a little different but events we have done in the past include: a body empowerment event, stalls in the union, pub quizzes, collaborations with other societies and so much more.

Fun fact: We even won the 2019/2020 Riley Award for “Best Long Standing Collaboration” with LUU Ballet Society.

Volunteer Meet Ups

We aim to hold meet ups every two weeks, where everyone can put forth any potential individual fundraising ideas they may have. These chats are honestly some of our favourite moments of being part beat society as you get to know so many people who have such passion to raise awareness of such an important cause.

More details will be out soon on our social media and website! Safety is our priority for everyone so at the start of the year these meet ups will likely be virtual to start with.


As a society, we aim to hold one fundraising and one well-being/social events each month.


As we are a volunteering society, we offer a free membership in return for all the hard work and time given by members.

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