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Who are we?

We are a student society formed around a common appreciation for the ideas and values of Pan-Africanism, and a commitment to the promotion and development of these ideas and values throughout the University of Leeds and the wider Leeds community.

What is Pan-Africanism?

It is firstly important to note that it is difficult to give a single, succinct and exact definition of Pan-Africanism. It has been defined in different ways by different individuals at different periods in history and thus encompasses a wide variety of forms and expressions. Therefore, developing a meaningful understanding of what Pan-Africanism is requires a reasonable amount of research into the topic.

That being said, in the simplest terms, Pan-Africanism is a simultaneously intellectual, cultural, social, political, economic and artistic project that calls for the unification and liberation of all people of African ancestry, both on the African continent and in the African diaspora. 

(For a more detailed examination on the definitional difficulties of Pan-Africanism see: “On the Intellectual elasticity and political plurality of Pan-Africanism” by Reiland Rabaka in ‘The Routledge Handbook of Pan-Africanism’ edited by Reiland Rabaka.)

What do we do?

Through this society we hope to achieve the following main objectives:

• To promote a deeper understanding of and a wider appreciation for Pan-Africanism and pan-African movements as well as other related topics.

• To realise the ambitions of Pan-Africanists before us of forging a united and prosperous African people.

• To create a vibrant community within the university centred around a common appreciation for the values and ideas of Pan-Africanism.

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Our society primarily caters to people of African descent but is open to people from all backgrounds. We welcome anyone to join, as long as they respect our values.

Membership is Pay As You Feel (PAYF) as we believe that anyone should be able to access our society.

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