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LUU Comedy Society is a group of like-minded students who love writing, performing and watching all kinds of comedy.

Whether you want to join us as an experienced performer, an untested writer, a budding improv comedian, or as someone who just loves comedy, we’re a loving community ready to accept and nurture your talent. We are accepting, inclusive, and alternative, which means we do not tolerate humor that punches down, and/or discriminates against minorities.

The fastest way to get involved is to join our Discord server. This is an organised chat room where you can talk about nonsense, get support when you’re feeling down, organise events, voice chat, all in a readable streamlined space that is easier to keep track of than a Facebook group.

We run regular activities that you can find out about on our Facebook page, or Discord server. Events often include:

Improv workshops and jams.

Jackbox Party Games

Script readings (members only, for copyright reasons)

If you have any questions, contact us via our Facebook.

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