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We aim to provide a safe space for men in our university to discuss topics that may hold them back in society, or things they don't feel comfortable discussing due to traditional social constructs around what men 'shouldn't' say.

We see a future of transparent conversations for men and women to discuss their mental health, by encouraging men to open themselves up to vulnerability to ultimately feel fulfilled in their everyday lives.

We are recruiting!

We have a committee position available, if you'd like to join our team contact us via email or Facebook.

Wellness Week

You will be added to a private FB or WhatsApp group and over 7 days be guided through our Wellness Week daily task or challenge designed to get you in the best mindset for that day and take back ownership of your mental state. All content shared with in the group is confidential and all attendance is optional. If you liked getting involve you’ll be given a chance to take it a step further and join one of our more intimate and advanced circle sessions.

To get involved or any questions contact us via email or Facebook.

Circle Sessions

Our circle sessions will currently be held virtually. Members are given the chance to talk openly in safe environment about thoughts, feelings and life experiences with mental health Past topics include: personal values, remaining focused, mental health in sport, acceptance, fears and courage. Plus, during these sessions we’ll be providing practical ways that you can De-Stress and improve your intrinsic motivation such as breathing exercises, mindfulness and meditation.

To get involved or any questions contact us via email or Facebook.



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