Oil Pastel Life Drawing

Group Art
Venue Royal Park Pub
Starts Tue 21 Nov 6:30PM
End Tue 21 Nov 8:00PM

Join us at Royal Park Pub from 6:30pm - 8pm on the 21st November for an oil pastel focused life drawing session!

Tickets go on sale at 4pm sharp on the 15th November. 

All materials provided, however you are also welcome to bring your own :)

Doors close at 6:40pm sharp. If you are late and the door is closed you are not allowed to enter out of respect to the model. Do not attempt to open the doors. You will have to wait until the halfway break to be able to enter. 

Please note the model will be NUDE. If you are uncomfortable with this, please do not attend. Our Thursday creative workshops may be more suited to you! 

You MUST bring photographic identification to be allowed into the venue. Royal Park Pub is primarily a pub, therefore the security must be able to verify that you are over 18 to be allowed entry into the building. 

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