• Sunday 3rd Oct 17:15 - Sunday 3rd Oct 20:00
  • Scarlet Studio

Event Description

Welcome to Panto 2021 auditions, kids! We will have two auditions (you can pick which one is most convenient for you) on the 3rd of October at 5:15pm and on the 5th of October at 6:30pm. Both of these will be held in Scarlet Studio in LUU. Callbacks will be on the 6th of October at 5:15pm also in Scarlet, but don't panic if you don't get a call back! It doesn't mean you haven't been cast!

The show: 

Two star-crossed students must contend with university rivalry, villainy, and the high-glam antics of Dame Jenna-Friar Lawrence in order to live happily ever after. With the help of their friends, the trusty panto horse, and a chase scene or two, can they overcome the evil Tybalt and the Uni Of vs. Beckett feud to avoid tragedy?


Rosaline (narrator). Rosaline is many things, but mostly, she is tired. Tired of having to narrate a show when she has deadlines to deal with, tired of her friend Juliet not paying attention to her properly when she talks, and tired of this guy Romeo who can't seem to take the hint...

Romeo (lead boy). Sweet boy. Not a thought behind those eyes. Has a habit of falling madly in love with a new girl every few weeks. 

Mercutio (Romeo's friend). Party animal who lives for the sesh, and breathes drama.  

Benvolio (Romeo's friend). Dad friend. A bit neurotic. Definitely makes sure you've got a vest on in the winter. 

Juliet (lead girl). Juliet doesn't need much from life - except love, and she needs it now. Heiress to an enormous fortune and with the voice of an angel, how on Earth is she going to find a man? :( 

Tybalt (villain). We don't know who hurt Tybalt, but he definitely needs some kind of therapy. Unreasonably posh and obsessed with the rugby, Tybalt is determined to break up Romeo and Juliet for ever, what ever it takes...

Paris (Tybalt's himbo cousin). Pretty boy who doesn't really understand the Uni Of vs. Beckett feud, and just wants to chill out, you know? 

Gregory and Sampson (villain's henchmen). Between them, they don't have two brain cells to rub together. Tybalt says jump, and they say, "how high, boss?" and then somehow bang their heads together trying. 

Jenna Friar-Lawrence (dame). A once-famous American actress (ever seen the Thirst Games? The Y-Men?), Jenna is now a drama lecturer and tries her best to help her tutee Romeo through this mess!

Oscar (pantomime horse). Oscar is Jenna's therapy horse to help her cope with her fame!

Pierre Bequette and Piotr Uniov (comedy duo). The Petes are international students (French and Russian respectively) who quickly become best friends trying to navigate the show without ever realising that they are on opposite ends of the feud...

And of course, our amazing ensemble! Needed for backup singing and dancing, background acting, and smaller parts. 

As always, we make sure our auditions are conducted in a relaxed, and fun environment. We will play some games to help warm you all up and help you to get to know us a little more, before we dive into some singing, dancing, and acting! You do not need to prepare anything for the audition, just bring yourself (we advise that you wear clothing you are comfortable moving about in, along with a bottle of water). Both of our auditions will take place in Scarlet Studio the Leeds University Union Building (behind the Co-Op). Don't worry if you think you may get lost, we will have members of our committee standing outside of the main building wearing pink PantoSoc hoodies to point you in the right direction!

Lastly, if you have any questions or queries, please don't hesitate to get in contact with us. We look forward to meeting you!


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